10 years Golden Gates Edelmetalle AG – Into A Golden Future

Precious metals have always been part of a good and crisis-proof portfolio and therefore a stable investment for the future. Consequently, it is not surprising that providers who are well versed in these future-proof and crisis-proof investments are currently booming. One provider for these investments in gold and precious metals in general stands out in particular: Golden Gates Edelmetalle AG. For years, numerous awards and top positions in various ranking lists have underscored what founder Herbert Behr has been demanding of himself and his company since day one: His stated goal has always been to make investing in precious metals easier, more transparent and more attractive than any other provider. And so attractive that not only high earners and professionals benefit, but also young families, employees or even young professionals. In short: really everyone!

Success proves him right: At the beginning of 2022, Golden Gates Edelmetalle AG celebrated its 10th anniversary and at the same time reported a record year after steady growth. The company celebrated with more than 150 guests in one of the most beautiful and historic venues in the state capital of Dresden: The Albertinum, which belongs to the State Art Collections of the Free State of Saxony and, in addition to many other art treasures, also houses the world-famous Gallery of New Masters. It was precisely these works of art that the guests were able to take a close look at with an exclusive, nightly opening of the museum and then let our top chefs spoil their palate in many ways with their high-quality dishes. In keeping with the company, the Albertinum itself was completely dipped in gold with a decoration concept specially developed for this event and featured small golden details and large golden design elements that skilfully rounded off the impression of experiencing a completely golden and glamorous evening.

As the highlight of the evening, Golden Gates Edelmetalle AG gave itself the greatest present: it presented the largest silver medal in the world! And since this world record is not simply presented with a shabby cloth that you pull away from a showcase, our event agency came up with something special for the presentation: The well-known magician Harry Keaton, who has already performed in Las Vegas with his magical abilities caused an uproar for an audience of millions on American TV, astonished the guests by letting the impressively large and heavy medal – 2 strong men are needed to lift over 70kg – suddenly appear out of nowhere in a transparent safe as the culmination of his amazing show . Afterwards, the guests were able to admire the record medal up close. It was an all-round successful anniversary event with many highlights for both our client and his guests. The toast of the board of directors then matched the outlook for the coming years: “To a golden future!”

The event managers of our event agency were responsible for the entire event conception, event logistics, event decoration and also the complete implementation of the event.