Air and water were re-discovered at the company anniversary

Note: The client for this event wishes that he and his guests remain anonymous.

Both of these elements surround us each day so naturally that we barely actively perceive them: The talk is of water and air. And since both water and air belong to the core area of competency of our client for this event, we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to present exactly these two elements in a new and creative way, and to skillfully incorporate them in our event concept for our client’s company anniversary. The goal was to create a unique and extraordinary experience for the approximately 440 invited guests that should give them a lasting positive impression they would associate with our client.

The invitation was already supposed to make it clear to the hand-picked recipients that this event was going to be something special. To this end, the event managers of our event agency developed a completely black invitation that revealed its secret only after it was brought into contact with water: the guest address, key points of the event, and the link to the landing page for registration and accreditation. A first exclamation mark — none of the guests had ever received such a special invitation before — and a first positive impression for the guest before the actual event.

After around nine months of concept development and planning, this event was then to take place at the Dresden Erlwein Capitol in June 2016 and continue what the creative invitation promised. For example, the guests did not enter the event location through a regular door, but through a large water portal specially designed for this event that, in interplay between light and water, created an impressive and imaginative experience as soon as the room was entered.

Once inside, the amazed guests then saw another unique highlight that impressively captured the water-air-theme: All of the dinner tables were completely filled with water, small fountains, and floating flowers, on top of which the place settings with the artfully arranged delicacies appeared to float.

After dinner, the guests were offered many other program items: In the “Cuba lounge,” they could dance salsa rhythms to the sound of the exhilarating live Latin band “Kaschee.” An experienced cigars roller let the guests watch over his shoulder while he was making Cuban cigars, and let them taste the cigars too. Creative party photos with various funny props could be taken in a greenbox. The live band “Jamtonic” together with the DJ “Rick Menaira” created a super mood and gave plenty of opportunity to hit the dance floor. Following the example of the invitation, a theme could be “discovered” in a wall of water using a high-pressure water cleaner. With his artistic air bubble show, the “king of the soap bubbles” Hammou Bensalah combined water and air and, at a height of 119 cm, demonstrated that you do not necessarily have to be tall to show great things when he completely enclosed a guest in a soap bubble during his show or balanced a soap bubble without bursting it.

But we saved the absolute highlight of the water-air evening for the end: An impressive and powerful dance show on the surface water of the lake, perfectly staged in front of a huge vertical wall of water that also served as a projection surface. The maximum bandwidth of dance, from classical ballet, to urban street-style, up to acrobatic elements, was presented to the guests in a way they will never forget. It therefore comes as no surprise that the end of this fantastic show, commended with frenetic applause and “encores,” clearly showed the fun the guests had with their experiences and in this way gave the event an appropriate finish.