Car enthusiasts and fans of the Hollywood film series “The Fast & The Furious” know and love him and adore him as a godlike appearance in steel, aluminum and carbon fiber on the road. On the other hand, the supposed “kings of the highway”, as Porsche, Mercedes and Ferrari drivers like to perceive themselves, fear its tremendous power, which the aforementioned only shows the distinctive, ring-shaped rear lights and earned it the nickname “Godzilla”. We’re talking about the Nissan GT-R, one of the most famous supercars ever built.

With a standard output of a whopping 570 hp in the current series, which its owners are only too happy to tune up to well over 2000 hp, it represents the spearhead of Japanese automobile construction can be seen on the streets, and therefore causes a stir all the more when you can spot one of these rare specimens live in the wild. There will be around 1,900 copies across Germany in 2023. For comparison: Porsche alone will have around 371,000 vehicles on the road in 2023. So, seeing a GT-R is an absolutely rare experience.

Therefore, it was more than overdue to develop the right event for the owners of this “sushi rocket”, as they affectionately call it, in which exclusivity and racing combined with the family spirit of this small and very special community merge into an unforgettable event experience.

The event managers of our event agency from Dresden (Germany) developed the right concept and implemented the first event of this kind in Germany during Corona in 2020. Despite the restrictions, the event was so successful that we implemented the second event in 2021 – still during Corona. This time with participants already known from the first year and additional new participants. The event grew every year and so in 2022 we were able to welcome more than 70 GTRs to the now annual GT-R RideOut in the Netherlands. A whole weekend full of fun, great routes, the smell of petrol in the air and together with like-minded people from the GT-R family – the event had now become a “MUST” in the calendar of every Nissan GT-R owner. Already in 2022 it was the biggest event of this kind in Europe!

And so it came as no surprise that in 2023 more than 120 GT-Rs from all over Europe made the journey to the Netherlands to be part of this crazy spectacle and to enjoy this 3-day incentive all about one of the most famous super sports cars. Exclusive hotels, challenging routes through the Netherlands and Belgium, breathtaking photo spots, driver parties every evening and all this together with those who share the same passion: The Nissan GT-R RideOut is now the largest event of its kind, attracting owners throughout Europe brings together. Together with other GT-R communities from Great Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium as well as from the USA, we are now in the process of making this event bigger and bigger until it can compete with the events in the USA, which sometimes have several hundred participants. We’re stepping on the gas right now… and are already hot like fire for the next event! #gtrarmy #gtrfamily