International Conference „LUSATIA GLOW 2022“

In July 2022, the solemn opening of the European project “LUSATIA GLOW – European Minority Network (EMNet)” took place in Dresden – a joint project of the European movement SLAVONIC EUROPE (SE), the SERBSKI SEJM (elected representation of the Sorbian/Wendish people), the ŁUŻYCKI ALIANS Wrocław (Society for the Promotion of Lusatian Culture in Poland), and the LUŽICKÁ ALIANCE ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA (Society for the Promotion of Lusatian Culture in the Czech Republic).

The aim of the LUSATIA GLOW project is to strengthen European cohesion through the cooperation of cross-border linguistic minorities and peoples in Europe as a civil society, innovative European integration policy.

The opening of the LUSATIA GLOW permanent representation was celebrated with various artistic performances, live music, and contributions on a big stage in the middle of Dresden city centre, as well as regional delicacies and specially brewed Sorbian beer as an invitation to all Dresden residents.

The event also included an international conference on the status and development of the European Minorities Network (EMNet) in Bautzen, attended by high-ranking representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament, members of the German Parliament, representatives of the city of Dresden, and international guests.

The event managers of our event agency from Dresden were responsible for the complete implementation of these events with all components and is delighted to have actively contributed to international understanding.