“Flying High with the Trades!” at the Fair KarriereStart 2016

“Flying high with the trades!” was the motto of the Dresden Chamber of Trades for 2016. For this occasion, the Chamber of Trades put out to tender the design of the fair stand for Saxony’s largest career, education and entrepreneur fair, the KarriereStart in the MESSE DRESDEN. The event managers of our event agency also took part in the national tender and were able to win the decision with a stand concept which skillfully took up the cause of the trades, making them into a direct experience.

A 6-meter high lighthouse formed the imposing centerpiece of the stand idea. This imposing tower easily surpassed all the other surrounding fair stands in height and so was a very visible point of attraction throughout the whole hall for the approximately 30,000 visitors to the fair. The tower was surrounded by the individual trade guilds, each of which presented their own specialties in their own area. Hands-on activities, consultation, competitions and demonstration workshops meant that something interesting was always happening at the joint stand of the Dresden Chamber of Trades and the visitors were able to experience the trades close-up.

In 2017, we want to then fly even higher together with the Chamber of Trades – then the stand of the Chamber of Trades will get another encore in various places.

Images: Handwerkskammer Dresden / André Wirsig